I am a translator. I have been a translator most of my life, either knowingly or unknowingly, whether it was during my college studies in English Translation or later in Graphic Design. In the past eight years since moving to America, I realized that translating actions, values, culture, and language allows me to communicate.

Translation is beyond the context of language and literature. It is intertwined with the constant verbal or non-verbal transference of information. All human being translate their environment to variable degrees. Not limited to human communication, I view translation as a vital component of various systems in the world. My work investigates the translation process as a method that shapes our visual and textual communication. A visual translator is both a mediator and a disruptor in encoding and decoding information. Each time data is translated, some parts of the form and content remain intact while other parts change. Certain qualities are added or lost, and meanings become revealed or concealed when there is alteration in medium, time, and space. Translation in visual communication is a way to democratize knowledge, activate the potential of visual and textual information, and engage attention through disruption. Juxtaposing static and dynamic forms introduces platforms on which, various media can interact with each other as well as with the viewer.

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