A schema of English letter forms exists within people who have English literacy, which helps them identify the abstract forms of this language. The familiarity and legibility of English letter forms is diminished by translating the forms into code-like characters. By eliminating a section of the letter forms, the viewer is challenged to translate and relearn the codes in order to decipher the passage.

Change: Solo exhibition, Gallery 101, Kresge Art Center, Michigan State University
Vinyl / 2015

∆ Change is colorless and odorless. It is between an inhale and an exhale. It makes and breaks, builds and demolishes, creates and destroys. not always visible, it is sensible, perceptible. It is seen by patient eyes, yet is apparent to all; some capture it, others miss it. It frees some elements, and captivates others. It is not static, but perpetual. Sometimes smart enough to look random, other times simple enough to give its secrets away. Change is evolution and elevation; it is about revolution. It interweaves the future and the past. It dedicates depth to moments, makes every instant priceless. It can seem subtle or obvious, but is always prominent. Change liberates and uncovers, expands, experiments and ventures. It challenges, risks, fails or wins, falls or rises. it is the key to survival, the reason for our existence. It is sudden or slow, expected or unexpected, sad or happy; it is the portrayal of life.