Translation #1

“We become what we behold. We shape our tools and then our tools shape us.”
Marshal Mcluhan
The evolution of language is a never-ending process. From pictoraphic to ideographic and then phonetic, language has been evolving throughout time. We create tools as a response to current ways of communication, and the tools shape the ways we communicate in return. The written language we use everyday is constantly being mediated by various media. From paper to computer to cellphones, we use written language. Each time we write, we are applying a set of codes.
My work highlights and archives a form of written language that people unknowingly use everyday. Each path represents a word. A user writes words through swiping on a touchscreen cellphone. While the content and outcome of what they write stays the same, the form of writing changes.
Swype typing could be applied in different languages. What unites languages in this method of writing is the paths they create. It doesn’t matter if the language in which we are typing is Persian or English, we are still using the similar paths. If the Persian and English words are seen next to each other, we can’t distinguish their difference. Touchscreens translate the hand gestures in the same way for different languages. In this sense, translation through technology becomes the unifying factor of languages.

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digital drawing (Adobe Illustrator) / 2016

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